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Analyst Believes 2 NFL Teams Will Be The Worst In The League

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Much hay is made at this time of summer about who will be the top teams in the coming NFL season.

Kansas City is an obvious choice, and many prophesy success for San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buffalo and a host of others.

But how much attention is paid to the teams that are widely expected to be the worst of the worst?

Though competition for the bottom rung of the NFL ladder was stiff in 2023, Carolina won the title.

So, who will take the honor in 2024?

NFL analyst Steve Fezzik told Ross Tucker that two once-proud franchises, the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, will be “dumpster fires” in 2024.

“If anyone wants to bet me you can take any team to be worse and I will lay -115 against those dumpster fires of teams…”

Our Even Money co-host @FezzikSports feels VERY strongly that the Patriots and Broncos are the two worst teams in the NFL:

— Ross Tucker Podcast (@RossTuckerPod) June 28, 2024

Obviously, the NFL is a quarterback league, and to win with any consistency, you must have a talented leader under center.

Both the Patriots and the Broncos drafted prospects they hope will become their future franchises in this year’s first round, but it is likely a stretch of epic proportions to believe that either is ready for prime time.

Drake Maye and Bo Nix have tremendous upside, but it would be a monumental surprise to see either lead their club to a successful season in their rookie year.

Denver has the advantage of having a proven head coach in Sean Payton, though he has precious little to work with after watching Russell Wilson leave for Pittsburgh.

Jerod Mayo takes the reins in New England from the legendary Bill Belichick, and though he is widely respected around the league, his locker room is not one that inspires confidence.


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