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Analyst Believes 1 QB Won’t Live Up To Potential Contract Extension

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Narratives around quarterbacks can change overnight when going from a rookie contract to that big second contract, as teams are getting more aggressive loading up early and trying to win during that rookie QB window when they find a reliable young QB, but the creativity required to compete into a QB’s second contract isn’t easy.

The second contract adds a lot of pressure to a quarterback, and one analyst believes that one quarterback in line for a big extension won’t live up to the money he is on track to get.

In an appearance on Unsportsmanlike on ESPN, former NFL player Chris Canty doesn’t believe that Tua Tagovailoa can live up to a potential contract extension, noting that the team has let go of multiple stalwarts on defense and that the team is telling us they don’t fully believe in Tua based on who they are paying, saying “they’re telling you that we need all these players around Tua in order for him to be good.”

Can Tua live up to the contract extension this season?

— UNSPORTSMANLIKE Radio (@UnSportsESPN) May 12, 2024

Canty cited that Tua might soon make up to $50 million a year and that there’s “no chance” he’ll be able to live up to that deal.

He makes a great point, as the Dolphins have been pillaged in free agency this offseason, with two of the three contracts over $100 million this offseason being handed out to former Dolphins in Christian Wilkins and Robert Hunt.

Tyreek Hill is slated to make $31 million this season and Jaylen Waddle will also be in line for a contract soon alongside Tua.

It’s too early to know whether Tagovailoa can live up to a big contract, but this is an interesting perspective from Canty.

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