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76ers Rookie Shows Off His Loyalty To The Team

(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PGD Global)


The Philadelphia 76ers got one of the biggest stars from this year’s March Madness tournament.

However, with Jared McCain also comes his larger-than-life personality, and that has rubbed some people the wrong way.

The Duke star couldn’t care less, though.

He likes to show off his fresh manicure and paints his nails on a regular basis, so it only made sense that he represented his new team by painting them in Sixers blue and red.

The combo guard took to TikTok to showcase his freshly-painted nails, once again creating plenty of fuzz on social media (Via Jacob Moreno).

Jared McCain fully embracing the Sixers🔥

— Jacob Moreno (@jmoreno76ers) July 6, 2024

Leading to the NBA Draft, McCain claimed that nail painting was all about self-care for him, stating that everybody should take care of themselves.

He’s also aware of the reactions it may have with some people.

However, the former Mr. California basketball couldn’t care less about that, and he claimed that he would continue to do it.

Truth be told, this shouldn’t even be a story at this point, and he’s entitled to do everything he wants on his own time.

At the end of the day, he’s there to do one job and one job only, and no one should care about anything else if he gets the job done on the court.

McCain is a three-level scorer who could make an immediate impact on Nick Nurse’s team.

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